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Download KarachiOS

Sorry! Download is Temporarily Unavailable

  File name Size Release Date Mirror Date
iso KarachiOS-1.0rc1-x86.iso 685.32 MB 21.09.08 02:30:07
md5sum KarachiOS-1.0rc1-x86.iso.md5sum 59 B 21.09.08 01:15:31
iso KarachiOS-1.0rc2-x86.iso 691.2 MB 21.09.08 01:54:16
md5sum KarachiOS-1.0rc2-x86.iso.md5sum 59 B 21.09.08 01:15:37
iso KarachiOS-1.0rc3-x86.iso 678.4 MB 17.09.08 09:54:27
md5sum KarachiOS-1.0rc3-x86.iso.md5sum 59 B 21.09.08 01:13:53

Buy KarachiOS on CD

KarachiOS CD is available from any shop selling computer CDs. Please look for shops selling KC brands or Karachi Computer Rainbow Center products, the distributors of KarachiOS and other flavours of Linux

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